What Sets Us Apart?

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Our home health agency, Always There Home Care Services, LLC was founded by Susan Ross and licensed in November of 2006 providing home care services to residents of Pinellas and West Pasco counties, Florida. We would occasionally receive inquiries from folks needing more affordable services. They were not wealthy, but proud and independent, and just wanted to stay at home. The cost of services was their first question.

When seniors were asked where they would like to live if they should need extra help or care as they aged, the vast majority of seniors said they would want to remain at home. Folks that wanted to stay at home should have viable options. Thus, Sue opened a nurse registry offering independent caregivers at an affordable price and was licensed in June of 2012 as Always There Affordable Home Care, Inc.

We have recently joined our two agencies together under one umbrella, making us the first in our geographic area to do so.

Welcome to…We’re Always There Customized Home Care!

*Each of our agencies are independently licensed.


What Sets Us Apart


High-Quality Staff

We have “ideal standards” for the people we hire, so we only recruit and retain caregivers that reach the qualities we’re looking for. In addition, we provide the support, education, and resources they need to provide patients quality care. Only experienced home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and nurses are considered for hire.

After successful completion of our stringent hiring process, only then are they invited to join our team. They may choose to serve as an employee of our home health agency and/or an independent contractor of our nurse registry.


Thorough Screening

Our pre-employment/contractor screening process is one of the most stringent in the industry. All potential staff must:

  • Undergo behavioral and values testing to assess the potential employee’s honesty, compassion, work ethic, and compatibility
  • Pass both written and skilled competencies
  • Successfully pass an FBI Level 2 Background Check Fingerprinting
  • Pass a 10-panel drug test
  • Complete a doctor’s physical examination and be free from communicable diseases
  • Provide professional references and verified work history
  • Undergo a motor vehicle screening to ensure that we are hiring a safe driver
  • Be eligible to work in the USA

Insured for Your Protection

All of the caregivers under our “home health agency” are covered with worker’s compensation insurance. This eliminates your liability if an employee is injured while in your home or while providing services to you.

Both our home health agency and our nurse registry also carry general and professional liability insurance in the amounts of $1,000,000/$3,000.000. In addition, the contractors under our nurse registry carry their own general and professional liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000/$6,000,000 or higher.


Staff Supervision for “Home Health Agency Employee”

To ensure that our caregivers are providing quality services, a registered nurse from our home health agency will visit your home at no additional cost. They will evaluate the employee’s performance and review the care plan and current medications with the patient/family, making any adjustments as needed.

We determine our supervision schedule by the number of ongoing scheduled hours. At a minimum, a nurse can visit your home once every six weeks. Clients who receive continuous, 24/7 care will receive a weekly visit by one of our registered nurses. Through these regular evaluations, we can monitor the performance of our caregivers closely and ensure your complete satisfaction.


Home Health Agency: HHA299992582
Nurse Registry: NR302115682

Core Values

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction

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We would love to hear from you! Please call us at (727) 547-2500 for more information.